Christmas Dress Sew-Along 2023: First Meeting

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At first, I didn’t want to attend the Sew-Along at all, but with so many projects waiting in my timeline, why not kick some asses (mostly my own) and get something done.

I’ve mostly decided on another True Bias Roscoe blouse. I have the fabric and design idea at hand, so there is just sewing and embellishing left. I even made a sketch for the embroidery and tested it.


The Roscoe Blouse itself shouldn’t be that hard. It will need a (hopefully) minor adjustment, as my gray one is pulling back a bit. My research told me it could need a forward shoulder adjustment. But even if it doesn’t work out, my gray one is in heavy rotation, at least in the warmer months.

I need something light because it’s so freaking hot in here when everyone’s around.

This time, I want to add a button placket, to give it some interest when worn by itself.

I made a sketch for the embroidery. Initially, I came up with a cozy cabin in the woods, but then it got weirder and weirder and I became heavily inspired by Slavic mythology and now it has transformed into the hut of Baba Yaga.

She’s essentially a witch lurking in the woods, living in a house with chicken legs. I mean, where can I apply for this job?!

I’m about 90% sure I will choose this project as my christmas ‘dress’, even if it isn’t too Christmas-y. Otherwise I could go all-in and sew a shiny silver-blue Givre Dress which I also have sewn before.


I’ve been hoarding the fabric for a while, and it fell into my hands when I started making a corset-belt from it, which is nearly finished. Would make a nice Christmas dress and secret pajamas too. But I’ve ignored the project for a long while and still don’t have a final idea on how too make it mine. I’m sure I could get to something but… hm. Motivation’s lacking.

Another option would be a another knitted vest. I have a nice autumn-colored hand-dyed yarn I’ve also hoarded for years. Meanwhile, it’s too fine for my liking, but a while ago I knitted a swatch from this yarn held together with some handspun from my grandma. This was Bentheimer Landschaf wool, which is quite coarse, but I found another skein mixed with white alpaca and this is quite nice. As it’s not autumnal at all in combination with the white yarn and my first thought of the swatch was ‘oh – Christmas…’ this would be an option too.

(Of course I can’t find the yarn right now…)

But I still have a never-ending sweater on my needles, a big project in it’s preparation phase and multiple ideas for a variety of knitting projects I would rather start RIGHT NOW. But as my only knitting time is when Raptor sleeps tight enough at night (which is seldom before 22:00 and I’m tired early), knitting is a bit underrepresented by now.

Yeah, don’t think there will be surprises, but we will see.

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