In the garden the fruit and vegetables grow rampant and the dog slowly learns where the food comes from – and how to pick it. I’m a little worried about the harvest – but if nothing is left, at least I’m well dressed :D.

Outfit mit Schürze

By the way, if you are wondering since when I have had so many flower skirts – my Grandma cleared out. Lately she’s been coming around the corner every day with her old skirts, and all of a sudden my closet is filled shockingly well without my intervention. What is noticeable, however, is that my favorites are the ones which I had consistently excluded when planning my wardrobe. Light-ground and small-patterned. I would never never never have chosen those by myself. I don’t know what went wrong, but I absolutely love them and they go so incredibly well with the rest of my clothes and I even like the mix of patterns with the aprons. However, I doubt my ability to plan a little 😀

In addition, almost all of them have pockets and a waistband solution that saves my ass. I had to find out that my waist size apparently differs a lot more than expected in summer and winter, so that I currently cannot wear many skirts because they simply slide down way too far.


I admit, the pictures are already a few weeks old, the plum trees don’t look so beautiful anymore ..: D

For months I have been thinking about a solution – I excluded the elastic band prophylactically because I always thought it would look stupid and I like the look of a nice, smooth waistband (not to mention the ability to embroider these).

And then Grandma comes around with her skirts – all with elastic waistbands. One all around, some with only a piece of elastic in the back, sometimes on the sides. And what can I say – a terrific solution that I immediately implemented on my moth skirt. Put two short elastic bands in the center back, and sew them on with a bit of stretch – done. Insanely comfortable and I even like it in combination with the zipper.

Bauernhofschürze und alte Teekanne

Then there is the pocket solution. I always have trouble finding my pockets. Grandma made it easy for herself (at least with the one skirt she definitely sewed by herself) and simply moved the side seam, including the inseam pockets, slightly forward. I always want to have them exactly by my side, but – why actually? With such patterns in particular, you can’t even see the seams and the pocket openings are so much easier to reach.

That was a really nice and relaxed project that actually ended without major disasters. The fabric is light and falls nicely, was easy to work with and the biggest mystery was whether I should use the entire width as the fabric lies 280cm (~110 inches) wide. I wisely decided against it and only took around 150cm, because despite everything there is no shortage of width. That gives the whole apron a completely different character and the overall outfit screams for an obvious farm backdrop. So the chicken run was my choice. Unfortunately without the mini-dinosaurs, as they don’t like me and always flee when I get too close to them. That’s why the only pictures of them are taken from a safe distance.

Pflug im Nebel
Outfit mit Bauernhofschürze

To create a bit of balance to the bustling pattern and the many ruffles, I finished the hem invisibly by hand. I didn’t have too much length, but maybe that was a good thing. I don’t know if a wider hem would really have been suitable. Despite everything, it has become a little shorter than the other ones, but I also like that very much.

Due to the enormous width, I still have leftovers, which will probably make matching handkerchiefs.

Schürze mit Bauernhof Motiven
Detailaufnahme des Stoffmusters

And finally: potatoes against apples. In fact, she has even learned to bite off and chew since she choked once quite bad. Sometimes even she learns something useful, that little pest 😀

Kartoffel frisst einen Apfel
Kartoffel frisst einen Apfel
Kartoffel frisst einen Apfel